Hi There!

I’m Genny, the artist behind Genevieve Hayes Gifts.

I create custom silk ribbon embroidery pieces.  What does that mean?  I take white silk ribbon, dye it with alcohol based inks, and turn it into flowers, ferns, and succulents that I stitch onto canvases or panels to create perfectly personal gifts!

How did I get into this?  My best childhood friend was getting married and I needed the perfect gift.  She’s pretty hard to shop for, so after a few months of hunting, I decided I’d have to make her something myself.  Her sister (an amazing artist) painted flowers on the save the date card, so I decided to recreate the flowers from the save the date on the invitation.  Problem was, I didn’t know how.  Then came YouTube. I spent hours watching ribbon embroidery videos.  Most of the videos were in Russian, so I muted the volume and studied the hands of the artists.  I took notes, ordered 20 yards of silk ribbon with a 10 piece ink set, and started experimenting!  I quickly discovered that this art is challenging, time consuming, and SO MUCH FUN!  That was back in early 2015 and I’ve been hooked ever since!


My Very First Piece!